Tournament Rules  (3 years ago)

Children under 11 are allowed a caddie.

Pick up balls after a double par - that is: par 3 - no more than 6, par 4 - no more than 8, par 5 - no more than 10.

The tournament will end after five hours of play. Finish the hole and stop play. Return to the clubhouse.

All children will walk during the round.

Only one person is allowed to be with a child during play: the caddie or the parent caddie. All spectators are to stay off to the side.

All ties will be determined by a playoff.





Caddie & Cart Fees  (3 years ago)

Caddie Fee

18 holes - $2,500.00

9 holes - $1,500.00


Cart Fee


What to bring to Constant Spring....  (3 years ago)

Golf Clubs



Push/Pull Cart

Refillable Water Bottles - hydration will be provided on the course

Raincoat or umbrella

Lunch will be provided at the Club House

New website now live  (3 years ago)

We are happy our new website is up and running!